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Through a generous donation by Britannica Digital Learning, 100 CPS Librarians have received free, online access to the American Association of School Librarians Planning Guide for Empowering Learners with a School Library Program Assessment Rubric. This subscription School Library Program evaluation tool is a powerful way to organize and implement continuing library program improvement. A Google e-mail group will be available for librarians to collaborate and share their progress and challenges as they participate in this ongoing professional reflection process.

Participating in this evaluation process supports the following Domains and Components in the CPS Framework for Teacher-Librarians:

Domain 1: Planning and Preparation
1f. Developing a Coherent Library Program
  • Goals for the Library Program
  • Evidenceā€Based Evaluation Plan
  • Criteria for Evaluation
Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities
4a. Reflecting on Practice
  • Effectiveness
  • Use in Future Teaching
4d. Growing and Developing Professionally
  • Collaboration and Professional Inquiry to Advance Student Learning
  • Participation in Teacher Team
  • Incorporation of Feedback
4e. Demonstrating Professionalism
  • Advocacy
  • Decision-Making

Getting Started

Link to Modules and Assessment Rubric

Make a copy of this TASK LIST so you can keep track of your progress. (Your copy will go to your Drive)
Librarian Planning
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Completion Dates

Preparing to Plan: Login to your new AASL Planning guide account Username: aasl Password: Your four digit unit number. Download and review "Standards for the 21st Century Learner" Review the Assessment Rubric to become familiar with areas of evaluation

The Planning Process: Developing Your Plan (Sections 1-4)

The Planning Process: Developing Your Plan (Sections 5-6)

Mission Goals and Objectives: Developing your Mission Statement pages 1 and 2

Mission Goals and Objectives: Developing Goals and Objectives pp. 1 and 2 Develop Goals

Mission Goals and Objectives: Developing Goals and Objectives pp. 3 and 4 Develop Objectives for each Goal

Mission Goals and Objectives: Developing Goals and Objectives p.5 Prepare a Reasonable Timeline and measurements for each objective

Assessment Rubric: Use the Assessment Rubric tool to compare existing library program with the Empowering Learners Rubric

Collecting Needed Information: Design and Select Data Collection Tools and Strategies with the Committee of Stakeholders

Collecting Needed Information: Gather Data to document progress

Action Plans: Developing Action Plans - Review data to identify the activities or steps necessary to realize your goals or implement your objectives.

Action Plans: Create your action plans.

Planning Chart: Prepare planning chart with progress notes and completion dates

Evaluating the Library Program: Develop a process to ensure the systematic and regular evaluation of the implementation of the plan.

Ongoing: Implement and re-define mission, goals, objectives and action plan as needed. Re-evaluate.
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