"iPads in the Library" Grant Information

"iPads in the Library" RFP

"iPad in the Library" - Eligible Schools
(see below for eligibility guidelines)

Eligible Schools (Excel 2003 version)
(see below for eligibility guidelines)

The Department of Libraries is pleased to partner with CPS Information & Technology Services|Technology Education to offer a very special grant opportunity – “iPads in the Library”. Five CPS libraries serving grades 3 – 8 will have the opportunity to be awarded 32 iPads; one MacBook for syncing purposes; a $500 voucher to purchase apps, eBooks and audiobooks; 32 cases and one storage cart. The library component is one of three iPad grants that are being released at this time. (The other two are related to classroom integration and student grants. Information about all three grants is being sent to your principals via your CAOs.) The state has identified 328 schools that can apply for this round of grants. Please see the spreadsheet link above to see if your school can submit a proposal.

Please see the Request for Proposals (RFP) link above to learn the specifics of the grant. Please note that there is a short timeline to prepare this proposal due to requirements from ISBE. Proposals must be submitted by January 7th. The proposal requires the librarian to be the lead in the grant and develop a school-wide plan to benefit many students across grade levels through the library program. It also requires the librarian to identify at least two collaborating teachers to work with to implement units of instruction using the iPads. See the proposal for full details and the assessment rubric.

There are two informational webinars being conducted by Tech Ed to respond to questions about this grant. The webinars will take place on Dec 13 and Dec 14 at noon. (See below.) It is the hope of the Department of Libraries that winning schools will serve as local and national models of successful integration of iPad technology to impact teaching and learning in the schools in innovative ways through their library programs. We hope that the technology will be leveraged in ways that cannot be accomplished with current resources to foster strong student collaboration, inquiry-based learning, differentiated instruction, highly successful research methods and information literacy skills development, and best practices for technology integration that include strategies to maximize the capabilities of the iPads. It is likely that successful applicants will have researched iPad technology, available apps, and it potential in education to prepare to write the proposal. Proposals that are broad-ranging and tied to the school’s curriculum and educational priorities will likely be stronger. Librarians will want to research the capabilities of interactive 3-D eBooks, other eBooks, and audiobooks in developing their vision, as well as apps that address library- and research-related functionality and curriculum-based apps.

Please complete your proposal carefully and fully; address every required component and refer to the rubric to self-assess your proposal before submitting it. From this cohort of winning librarians, in the future we will share best-practices, experiences, and recommended resources that can be of use to all librarians who may want to integrate this technology into their library programs. Attend the webinar to ask questions.

Information for iPad Grant Webinar Recording: Press the play button at the top left.

Click this link for the Dec. 13th at 12:00 pm Webinar: http://cpslive.cps.k12.il.us/sml/join.php?id=4276b006538789da2f8f392c5106f049&afid=&pw=&r=a9059742981b6480e3cf38ed2cbbe6d9

Click this link for the Dec. 14th at 12:00 pm Webinar: http://cpslive.cps.k12.il.us/sml/join.php?id=14a175f02cac3d3c806d48dfdfbfa482&afid=&pw=&r=a9059742981b6480e3cf38ed2cbbe6d9

Eligibility Information:

A school is eligible to apply for this grant in grades 3-8 if it has all three of the following:
  1. 40% or more of its students eligible to receive free or reduced-price meals under the National School Lunch Program (42 USC 1751 et seq.).
  2. In Academic Early Warning or Academic Watch status under Section 2-3.25d of the School Code [105 ILCS 5/2-3.25d].
  3. A significant percentage of the students in grades 3 through 8 with limited or no access to laptop computers for use in improving their educational opportunities.

Schools are ineligible if they did not miss AYP for two years or more and/or the income status of the school’s surrounding area is too high. This is a state mandate/law that does not come from CPS. We hope to have other funding opportunities within the next 9-12 months that will be open to all CPS schools and we will keep you posted on this.