Meet the Author Webinar: Sharon Draper

Time: Tuesday, Sept 21st from 10:00 am - 10:30 am

Click here to view a recording of the webinar. Click the play button in the top left of the screen to start the program.

About the webinar: In this webinar, your students will have the opportunity to see and hear Sharon Draper speak about her books and her experiences as a writer. Your school can also communicate with Ms. Draper via chat during the session.

Webinar Set-Up: To set up your library or classroom to participate in this webinar, connect a computer to a projector and speakers. Log onto the webinar about 15 minutes in advance to familiarize yourself with the screen. When you log on, you will be prompted to change your name. Please use the name of your school. Prior to the start of the webinar, test your sound with moderator Lisa Perez.

During the session, have your students listen to Ms. Draper's introductory statements. During the Q&A session, query your students about questions that they may have. Type your questions into the chat box at the bottom of the screen. Although it may not be possible for Ms. Draper to answer each question, she will do her best to respond to as many as possible.

If your school's passing period falls during the webinar and it is not possible to hold the students, check back at this wiki after the webinar with a link to the archive, which can be viewed within the network after the session.

Supporting materials:

Contact Lisa Perez with questions.