Library Position Information
The following schools have notified this department that they are accepting resumes. This information should not be considered comprehensive or completely accurate. As always, the regular CPS employment website should be your first avenue of information. When in the Talent website, be sure to search all relevant key words, such as library, librarian, media, and technology, to see the full list of openings. Consult the CPS School Directory for more specific information about a particular school. Please contact the CPS Dept. of Literacy: Libraries team if you have accepted a position at one of these schools.

2017/18 School Year

Chicago Vocational Career Academy (Temporary Assigned Teacher)

Dirksen Elementary - TAT (Temporarily Assigned Teacher) position through November 2017

Fiske Elementary

Mayer Elementary School (Temporary position through December, 2017)

Sabin Magnet (Temporary position)

Schurz High School (Part-time position)

Smyth Elementary

West Park Academy of Fine Arts and Technology (.5 half-time position)